OP DRIFT: A contemporary experience about the Saint Elisabeth Flood, people and water

'Op Drift' places the Saint Elizabeth flood of 600 years ago in a new and contemporary light. The Geertruidskerk sets the stage for a unique visitor experience, an artistic window into the past, present and future. Let yourself be carried away by the current: relive history, reflect on how humankind interacts with the earth, and marvel at the timeless power of water. A visit to 'Op Drift' will leave no one untouched! NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED!

Entrance fees:

  • Children up to 12 years old free entrance
  • Children up to 18 years € 2.50 per person
  • Adults  € 5,- per person.
  • For opening hours click here!

Past, Present and Future

In 1421 the Netherlands was struck by the Saint Elizabeth flood. This led to the creation of the Biesbosch. The largest freshwater tidal area in Europe. ‘Op Drift’ tells the story of the flood: what preceded it, the disaster and the new equilibrium that emerged. 'Op Drift' shows how this disaster was able to happen, which powers and forces played a role before, during and after the flood. It also shows that these powers and forces are of all times, as well as the cycle of innocence, destruction and new life. The St Elizabeth's Flood is exemplary and does not stand alone. Over the centuries, people around the world have faced the threat of water and today sea levels are rising faster than ever. On the other hand, there is an increasing shortage of water worldwide and people are struggling with severe droughts, resulting in devastating forest fires. We're on the edge of disaster, we are standing at a tipping point. What will happen? What movement are we making? And what does the new equilibrium look like? What role do we play as human beings, what about the care for ourselves, for each other and for the earth?

The presentation and design of 'Op Drift' is in the hands of a core team of established artists: designer/visual artist/photographer Jolanda van Nuenen, visual artist Peter Slegers, exhibition builder Agnes Hulst, and writer Sietske Mol. They use word, image, design, sound and multimedia thoughtfully and in coherence.

'Op Drift' can be visited until September 2022.

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